Introduction to 'Be Nurtured' and what we do.

Be Nurtured Physiotherapy is based in Cornwall offering specialist physiotherapy within the field of women’s health, treating disorders effecting the pelvis and pelvic floor muscles. Our service is highly confidential and respects the sensitive nature of these problems. Our specialised therapists completely understand the physical problems unique to women and will give you the tools you need to lead the life you want to. Our clinic rooms are located in a rural tranquil setting with ample free parking and are easily accessible. Call us now on 07428440650

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1 in 3 women suffer from bladder incontinence, and they are the ones we know about. Many women live with these problems without realising they can be treated, some too embarrassed to seek help. Bladder problems can be helped and


Due to the demand that pregnancy and childbirth put on our bodies it is no wonder we commonly suffer from problems either during pregnancy, or following childbirth. Unfortunately, due to a lack of information and knowledge, many mums to be


1 in 2 women develop pelvic organ prolapse Do you get a heavy or dragging feeling inside the vagina, often worsening throughout the day? Have you noticed a lump or bulge inside the vagina? Do you experience difficulty emptying your


Pilates is a safe and effective form of exercise both during and after pregnancy · Our classes are friendly with a relaxed atmosphere. · Modified Pilates is a safe way of exercising during your pregnancy whether you are continuing exercise

New Mummy M.O.T.

Through personal experience and listening to each new mummy I meet there appears to be a lack of help. As ladies we need support postnatally with regards to the changes our bodies undergo during pregnancy and childbirth. Many women are


About Be Nurtured The more women I meet the more I feel they are in need of being nurtured. We live in a fast pace society often juggling work with taking care of the family with little time or thought