The more women I meet the more I feel they are in need of being nurtured. We live in a fast pace society often juggling work with taking care of family with little time for ourselves. If you’re like the majority of females out there, you often put yourself last in a long line of priorities.

Whether it’s aches and pains suffered during pregnancy, or that have come on since the birth of your child you continue to just battle on with, we can offer you a full MOT. This MOT will ensure you have a treatment programme specific to your needs. We will help you to get back to feeling a little more like yourself again.

Many people presume not being able to jump on a trampoline or peeing a little when running is just part of being a woman or getting older. I am here to tell you that although it is very common, it is not normal and is fully treatable.

We are here to help women of all ages as the problems we treat can affect you at any age. We know that 1 in 3 women are affected by incontinence, rising to 2 in 3 women post menopause. These are the people we are aware of. Because of the ‘taboo’ nature of these problems, many women go on suffering feeling too ashamed to seek help.

At ‘Be Nurtured’ rest assured that we will treat you with total confidentiality and sensitivity so that you are able to talk through any problems you may have without feeling embarrassed. I always remind my clients that they are not alone, there are so many women suffering with these problems and we are here to help and support you.

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