Through personal experience and listening to each new mummy I meet there appears to be a lack of help. As ladies we need support postnatally with regards to the changes our bodies undergo during

pregnancy and childbirth.

Many women are left feeling bewildered with unanswered questions as to why these changes may have occurred.

Most women have no idea that such change can be caused by pregnancy and childbirth. They can be left feeling that they have done something wrong or that their bodies are different to other mums.

There is also so much pressure particularly in the media for new mums to bounce back to their pre-pregnancy shape and condition which without the correct advice can lead to further problems. If your body is giving you any warning signs that things are not back to normal then make sure you get checked out by a professional, who can guide you back to exercising safely.

  • They say it takes our bodies 2 years to recover from pregnancy
  • 50% of women have a vaginal prolapse postnatally, many are just not aware of it until later in life when this figure then rises to 82% of women being affected.

What will the new mummy MOT involve?

  • A full postural assessment
  • Full spine and pelvis assessment
  • Pelvic floor muscle assessment and re-education
  • Abdominal muscle check for any separation
  • Advice on suitable post-natal exercises
  • Safe return to any activity or sport

If you have any questions or wish to book in for you MOT then get in touch